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As the world is looking at impending Energy & Environment Crisis this century, due to exploding population (adding 2-3 billion to world population), rapid urbanization and depleting natural resources (oil, coal and gas), new thinking and fast iterative innovation is of highest priority. Technology (electronics & IT) plays a major role through this process of innovation, with varying degrees of adaption across all countries.

Traditional operational technologies (OT) are dated (30-40 year old), hard to implement, integrate or build transparency up to the CEO/CFO. There is a rapid transformation on the anvil, with new Industrial IoT and Analytics, with strong OT+IT integration, and NeoSilica has early mover advantage where they invested in new generation technology based on deep experience across the world, in wide range of sectors.

NeoSilica is an advanced technology company offering end-to- end solutions focused on business outcome and operational efficiency for Energy, Industrial, Smart City, Microgrid and water markets, built on their Industrial IoT Platform (IIoT HW, Enterprise Software, Analytics, AI and ML). These major sectors are undergoing digital transition looking for scalable digital platforms, and NeoSilica is promptly positioned with strong track record and global experience.

NeoSilica utilizes their strong cyber security experience to embed security measures all the way from field to server to end users, and device, data and network levels.

NeoSilica is founded by IT and Electronics industry veterans, with decades of experience across global organizations, in US, Europe, Japan, China and India. We serve a broad range of customers spanning - large to medium enterprises, utilities, service providers, and government and consumer markets. NeoSilica is active in industrial organizations and special interest groups in the fields of Cleantech, Green/Clean, Network Security, etc.NeoSilica is tied into good expertise in US and also in Cleantech space in India.

management overview

The Company is lead by management experienced at Fortune 500 global MNCs (AT&T Bell Labs, Analog Devices, Novell, Mentor Graphics, Deloitte & Touche), in leading and developing world-class application and product groups (software and hardware). NeoSilica's expertise is end-to-end, combining both hardware and software parts, including integration with existing applications (EAI expertise) and components, to provide comprehensive solutions.

BarathshahCEO - Satyam Bheemarasetti

Satyam is a serial entrepreneur and senior management, identifying large global problems, and addressing through innovative products and solutions for the global markets. Satyam specializes in building teams, business and organizations to address through innovative products and solutions that are enterprise class, highly scalable and bring real savings to end customers.

He has over 18 years experience in US in enterprise technologies, in AT&T Bell Labs, Unix System Labs, Novell, BEA Systems (TUXEDO and WebLogic), Deloitte & Touche, PECO Energy (lead implementation of deregulation systems for a large Utility in PA, USA), NetSilica (co-founder, pioneer in SSL VPNs and Application Security Gateways) and NeoSilica (founder). Satyam has extensive experience in building and leading product and solutions companies in India and US. Satyam presented, taught and mentored – in Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Network Security, SOA, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Architecture, E-governance at several national and international conferences.

BarathshahCTO - Ravi Patruni

Ravi has 20+ years of international experience in engineering design and management of whole products and solutions including software and hardware in the areas of multi-media, networking, energy management and automation technologies. He lead several design teams in India and US to develop next generation solutions for Digital Home and Building Energy Management. He has extensive experience productizing local designs through OEMs in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Ravi held senior engineering management positions in US and India at Analog Devices, Mentor Graphics and CMC Ltd. Educated at XLRI, IIT Kharagpur and JNTU, Kakinada.

Advisory Board

BarathshahBharat S. Shah - Advisory member, Board of Directors - NeoSilica

Bharat Shah recently retired from Emerson after 10 years of senior executive level positions including Managing Director of Emerson Network Power's group in Hyderabad India and Strategic Technology Development for Emerson USA with a focus on Data Center Power Management.

Prior to Emerson, Bharat co-founded Power Trends Ltd which developed energy efficient DC/DC power modules. The company was acquired by Texas 2001. Bharat also founded Power Sensors as well as BIAS Power Technology in developing numerous energy efficient power conversion devices. He also spent 9 years with TRW as a Director of Optoelectronics group that successfully developed complex integrated circuits for use in power conversion products.

Bharat earned his Engineering degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Masters of Science in Electronics from the University of Texas, USA. He has been associated with PSMA Organization as a board member and also serving as technical committee member of The Green Grid USA ( He has worked closely with EPA- USA and IEA organizations promoting use energy efficient products to reduce global energy consumption.

With over 30 years of global management and product development experience, Bharat has earned an excellent reputation in the industry and established valuable network of contacts around the world.

Bharat contributes NeoSilica in building enterprise customers and partners in the global markets.

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