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NeoSilica BMS | EMS | Enterprise Smart Grid

New and existing Buildings are redefining the 'need - for monitoring & managing' their internal electrical and other critical systems, in order to ensure comfort and safety to occupants (employees and tenants), at the same time -save on rapidly increasing energy expenses. Energy prices are going up rapidly for commercial and industrial buildings, doubling every 4-6 years, and the power cuts are also increasing in countries like India, as well as US.

Building Management Systems (BMS) are traditional systems that connected across large electric loads (HVAC, Lighting) and security systems inside a building. These are designed specially by engineers, using an architecture that is supposed to fit into a defined set of field requirements.
In order to contain energy costs, managers are demanding for more insight into their buildings, than traditional BMS solutions. Managers are looking to 'network and integrate' with every possible device in the building and the campus, monitor and collect every possible data as possible, and view 'integrated intelligent dashboards' for insight into the 'energy behavior' of their property, at different times of the day/week/month/year, as well as in different areas. Using the same 'networked system', managers can also manage loads based on more insight and intelligence.

The new breed of BMS, that is more focused on 'energy savings', is also called as 'Building Energy Management System' (BEMS). BEMS provides a highly 'flexible and scalable' networked architecture and system that starts with a Phase 1 implementation and expands to include new renewable energy resources, upgraded Energy Efficiency projects, etc. - flexibly over the life of the building. Key feature here is – BEMS expands with energy requirements and needs of the building.

NeoSilica Enterprise Smart Grid (NESG) is a an advanced BEMS (enhanced BMS) that works for buildings and campuses to provide a detailed and flexible 'Energy Monitoring System' that gives the ability to baseline energy consumption and eliminate 'energy wastage' - resulting in savings up to 10% on energy bills. This same Energy Monitoring System can be expanded into the full scope - NeoSilica Energy Management System - so as to connect and manage electrical loads (HVAC, Lighting, Motors, etc.). NEMS also integrates with security systems, rooftop solar, etc. - as required by the building's changing requirements. NeoSilica system integrates with local utility's Smart Grid functions such as Demand Response, Load Curtailment - directly with the utility, or a 3rd party DR Service Provider.