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The government is increasingly requiring - HT customers - to monitor their usage granularly for better energy management ("measure and monitor" is their principle for "Green Building" standards) and all commercial customers will benefit immensely by implementing this much required function.

NeoSilica EMS | BMS | Enterprise Smart Grid

NeoSilica’s Energy Management Solution (NEMS) is a demand-side energy management solution that reduces energy bills for commercial and large residential buildings. The system consists of distributed hardware controllers that can be interfaced to various energy devices such as air conditioners, lights and fans. These controllers are in turn connected to a central server running NEMS software modules including an easy to use operator interface.

The NEMS software controls and moderates the use of all energy consuming devices in a given establishment by optimizing and automating their usage times based on ambient conditions as well as working/occupancy times of various zones within the premises. This intelligent and automated control of various energy devices (air conditioners in particular) enables savings of up to 15-30% in energy bills without sacrificing on the comfort levels

Monitor (Save up to 10%)
- Monitor energy usage in real time at meter or device level.
- Monitor temperature and occupancy in different zones.

Control Energy Usage (Save additional 20%)
- Schedule device on/off times as per actual usage requirements
- Modify set points of thermostats to maximize energy savings
- Enable conservation policies to reduce usage during peak times

- Automate device controls using advanced electronic equipment
- Provide access to and control all devices from a simple graphical user interface, web/mobile/device based.
- Enable scene based scheduling for different use cases

Support Sustainability
- Provide Real-time Energy Data for Sustainability Reports

Detailed Reports
- Provide detailed reports on total OR device level consumption, for any time period. Including carbon foot prints and carbon credits.

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