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Demand Response

Energy SAVED is Energy PRODUCED!


1KW SAVED = 3-4KW Generation Capacity!

1KW SAVED = ZERO Cost from Power Plant to Home!

As we face increasing power cuts, year by year, we may expect the core reasons to be - "increasing demand from consumers" and "demand-supply gap". As you can see, "consumer demand" is the common thread. Meaning - if you do not switch on your AC, washing machine, TV or lights - there is no "consumer demand". And if you do, increasingly with more energy appliances (AC, TV, etc.) - that increases the "consumer demand". This demand is supposed to double over the next 15-20 years.

"Demand Response (DR)" is a new technology that is seriously considered by Utilities world over, to "control" this 'consumer demand', since matching with "generation capacity" is highly expensive. While popular method to control demand, in countries like India, is using 'power cut' - meaning total blackout, new DR methods look for "partial cuts" (brownout), which may require some technology to be deployed at the customer location.

Key to implementing 'Demand Response' is – customer participation, without which there is no DR. The alternative is to continue to suffer with increasing power cuts, which have already reached beyond typical summer shortages to rest of the year.