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20/07/2015 Tata Power commissions Radio Frequency Metering Project
05/13/2015 Building 100 Smart Cities: Smart execution holds the key
05/11/2015 eGov: Digitisation will fast forward smart cities' vision
04/28/2015 THE 100 GW HEADACHE
04/28/2015 Smart City Council India to launch Smart City Readiness Guide in September 2015
02/23/2015 President Pranab Mukherjee's speech in indian Parliament
01/28/2015 World's Top 7 Smart Cities Of 2015 Are Not The Ones You'd Expect
01/11/2015 First smart city project to get boost at summit
01/11/2015 Ban Ki-moon to open canal-top solar power plant in Vadodara
11/14/2014 MEIL's Narmada canal top solar plant listed among KPMG novel projects
11/12/2014 Narmada Canal Solar Project
08/30/2014 Govt zeroes in on sites for 'smart city' plan
08/30/2014 Singapore seeks clarity on Modi's smart city concept
08/24/2014 How a Solar Crisis was Averted by Three Ministers
08/04/2014 100 smart cities: The best way forward for India
07/31/2014 India's push for 100 smart cities has tech firms scrambling for contracts
01/23/2014 The house that powers itself
01/17/2014 Even India could reach nearly 100% renewables by 2051
01/06/014 Europe's Energy Future
11/25/2013 More than $10B investments into indian smart grid transformation
11/12/2013 How to lose half a trillion euros
11/12/2013 Wind pattern - live in US!
10/23/2013 Civil War Between Utility-Scale Solar and Rooftop Solar?
10/13/2013 Building the City of the Future: Smart and Sustainable
08/26/2013 U.S. Electrical Grid on the Edge of Failure
08/19/2013 India can convert a crisis into an opportunity
08/12/2013 Is Solar Suburbia the Way to Power Modern Cities?
08/08/2013 Six things you might not know about solar panels
07/29/2013 Are utilities ready for a smart grid data tsunami
07/16/2013 Smart Grid Policy Center
07/23/2013 The True ROI of Smart Meter Deployments
03/26/2013 Smart Power: Why More Bytes Will Mean Fewer-and Cleaner-Electrons
08/02/2012 Using Water to produce Electricity is a growing reality, and this article shows that water in India is used more to produce electricity at coal plants, than agriculture
05/06/2012 Yes, the world needs contribution and innovation from every one!! Here is a 14-year old turning rain into electricity!
06/19/2012 US can easily incorporate 80% renewables by 2050!
03/05/2012 Green homes that give back to the grid
09/01/2011 US military invests $1B into rooftop solar
Release Date Jan 2012 Here is a recent story from The Economist on India's power sector that craftily illustrates well known problems as well as insight into coal supply and new capacity expansion.
Release Date Nov 2011 Residential Average Monthly Bill by Census Division, and State
06/01/2011 Commissioning of TERI's Smart-Mini Grid facility
01/23/2011 Department of Energy Awards More Than $11 Million to Advance Innovative Geothermal Energy Technologies
01/11/2011 NIST Identifies Five Foundational¬Ě Smart Grid Standards
01/06/2011 GE smart grid vision: Self-powered devices for building automation