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Solar Monitoring

Solar Plant Monitoring

NeoSilica SCADA Monitoring Solutions for Solar Power Plants

Solar plant does not have any moving parts, as a result - you need LIVE AND HISTORICAL details about your plant, using a Plant SCADA system that monitors all the critical field devices such as inverters (string or central), weather station, MFM, SCB, LT/HT panel, etc. - all this combined to provide a LIVE and COMPREHENSIVE VIEW of the entire Solar Plant with continuous ALERT SYSTEM, viewed from anywhere (at plant site/corporate office) - on PC/Mobile. NeoSilica provides a comprehensive Plant SCADA System that is combined with a Cloud-based monitoring system, supporting clear and different dashboard views and functions for - Plant Developers, Management, O&M Staff in Corporate Office, and field operators at plant site. NeoSilica Plant SCADA is also integrated with the Load Dispatch Center (SLDC/ALDC) of local utility (APTRANSCO in AP, etc.), and any other organizations for compliance or other purposes (MNRE /GEDA /CERC /state agencies).

PV Plant Monitoring and Control

  • Comprehensive Data Acquisition - from inverters, MFM, strings, Weather Station, LT&HT Panels (complete AC & DC)
  • Collection & Storage of data on plant and central servers.
  • Plant Supervision - Plant level dashboards, alarms, trouble shooting, Performance metrics.
  • Power Plant Control - Variable and On/Off of key parameters
  • Reporting - Production, Performance, Outages, Faults
  • Generation Forecasting - Schedules to Utility automatically
  • Monitor from any location from any device - Mobile/Browser

Central Monitoring for Global Portfolio